Private LTD Company Registration in UK for Non-Residents

Limited Company formation in United Kingdom can be done online in just 24 hours (subject to all documentations), or register a branch of your existing company in up to 4 weeks.

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About This Plan

This plan is suitable for Non-UK residents. It’s the fastest way to establish a private limited company online. Just fill in simple forms, upload your certified documents and you are done in 20 minutes. This excludes virtual address services. Keep in mind that having a local legal address (registered address) is mandatory for every UK company. You can buy them separately or combined package deal. It is also a legal requirement for every director, shareholder, and the person with significant control (PSC) to have a UK address. If you want to keep your home address private, you can buy our directors address service separately. You can also choose to use our full range of accounting services. Your options: Setting up or expanding your business in the UK is straightforward. You can choose how your company operates. If you want to incorporate a company as a separate legal entity in the UK, forming a private limited company is the most popular option. The online process to register (incorporate) a private limited company in the UK typically takes less than 24 hours.

Services Covered

  • Company Registration Govt. fee
  • Comfortable self-service form
  • Technical support is just an email away
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association

Who Should Buy

  • Setting up start-up company in UK
  • expanding your business in the UK
  • Organisation who wants to make brand visible internationally
  • Multi-national companies

How It's Done

Next step activities

  • Find a suitable and available name for the company at
  • Provide an existing address for the company - this can be any UK address. (if not available then you can buy it as separate plan)
  • Have at least one director - this person does not need to be a UK resident - provide notarised copy of Identity and recent address proof
  • Have at least one shareholder - this can be an individual or another company - provide notarised copy if Identity and recent address proof
  • Upload all your documents at my order pending info screen or link received via email
  • Complete AML and KYC check compliance
  • ‘memorandum’ and an ‘articles of association’ document in place
  • After that your company will be registered in 1-2 working days

Information Guide

Documents To Be Submitted

  • Filled in KYC check form
  • Upload ID and address proof notarised copies
  • Choice of Company name
  • Add additional services (registered address, directors service address, accounting)
  • National Identity number (NI / PAN / Aadhar)
  • Your company will be registered in 1-2 working days


  • What is KYC and AML compliance?
  • Know Your Client process to satisfy the due diligence measures required by company formation agent and accountant, imposed on us by the EU regulations. Based on our KYC process, we collect, update, and store the data from each of our client electronically.
  • Why company formation fee is higher for non-resident plan?
  • In this there are additional legal compliances and extended CDD (client due diligence), that requires additional effort to meet expenses to bear cost for credit agencies.
  • Can I Register a UK branch of an overseas company?
  • By registering a branch of your company in the UK, your company does not create a separate legal entity. Instead, it registers your company to do business in the UK. A branch does not get the limited liability benefits of a UK limited company. It takes longer to register a UK branch of an overseas company than registering a limited liability company because your company must submit documents and information to Companies House. It can take 4 weeks for these to be reviewed.
  • Which is most convenient option for start-up to open independent private limited company in UK or a subsidiary?
  • Forming a independent private limited company is the most popular option for start-up to avoid further compliances and expenses towards parent and subsidiary relationship. You can change anytime as soon your company is growing and able to meet extra overheads.
  • How will you draft ‘memorandum’ and an ‘articles of association’ document?
  • A company registering in the UK must have a ‘memorandum’ and an ‘articles of association’ document in place at the time of incorporation. You can use standard template documents included as per this plan, or our professional advisers on additional cost (separate plan) can create them on your company’s behalf.
  • Is it legal requirement to have a director or shareholder resident in the UK?
  • It’s not a legal requirement to have a director or shareholder resident in the UK to set up a UK company. However, many banks will want you to have resident directors or shareholders before they will open a UK business bank account for your business. Some bank do help opening bank in UK for non-residents, we can provide additional assistant in opening bank account on Virtual CFO services.

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