UK Personal Tax return - Expat salary

Self assessment tax is required for expat who are deputed in UK branch or client place but originally employee of other country.

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About This Plan

We assess your self assessment tax return and calculate the dispensation allowances (if eligible for up-to 2 years). In most cases your employer may run modified payroll for expat that includes gross salary including your foreign salary and deduct any tax free dispensation allowances. However, in some cases your employer may not have registered with modified schemes or not included dispensation allowances in your payslip, under this case you might get some refund from HMRC if you provide supporting evidences of all allowed expenses.

Services Covered

  • Self-Assessment registration and Get UTR
  • Agent authorisation process
  • Calculate Tax return and prepare draft
  • Submit Final Tax return

Who Should Buy

  • Expat employee who are working in UK
  • Export temporary worker deputed for short term

How It's Done

Next step activities

  • Upload all required documents under order management form (1-2 days)
  • Run Client onboarding AML check compliances (1-2 days)
  • Process form 64-8 authorisation of agent (1 to 10 days)
  • Self-Assessment registration (1-2 days)
  • Receive UTR number (5-10 days)
  • Calculate Tax return and prepare draft (2-5 days)
  • Submit Final Tax return (1 days)

Information Guide

Documents To Be Submitted

  • Copy of P60 from your employer
  • Copy of P11D from your employer
  • All 12 months payslips from April to March
  • Any other income details from foreign country
  • Expenses documentary evidences
  • Copy of your Identity card
  • Copy of your recent address proof


  • How long it takes to file tax return?
  • Actual tax return preparation may take 1 to 5 days subject to all documentations are ready. However, if you are new then it may delay in registration process can take upto a month.
  • Do I need to file tax return in UK?
  • Yes, expat employee they are treated as overseas worker and hence required to file tax return

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